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East West Horizon Plantation Berhad (EWHPB)

EWHPB is a public company principally involved in the oil palm plantation business, particularly in development and management of oil palm plantations. EWHPB has gross land bank of 11,670 acres of oil palm plantation land in Sabah.

East West Horizon Planter’s Scheme (EWHPS)

EWHPS is approved by Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) as an investment scheme under the Companies Act, 1965. EWHPS is an innovative investment concept based on oil palm plantations. EWHPS offers a safe and secure investment platform to investors in an oil palm planting business and does not require any knowledge of the industry. More importantly, investors can decide how much to invest by selecting one of the four Planter’s Blocks (either singly or in multiples) available for public subscription to enjoy periodic earnings and returns without having to invest millions of Ringgit Malaysia in the actual acquisition of land, physical planting and harvesting of fresh fruit bunches.