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East West One Consortium Berhad (EWOCB)

East West One Consortium Berhad (EWOCB) is a public company engaged in the oil palm plantation business, particularly the development and subsequent management of oil palm plantations. The EWOCB group of companies is agricultural in nature, and together with its parent company has a land bank of approximately 20,000 acres of agricultural land in Sabah.

East West One Planters Scheme (EWOPS)

East West One Planters Scheme (EWOPS) is an evolution of the group to benefit the investment market, by providing a safe and secure investment platform and is approved as an investment scheme under the Companies Act of 1965. EWOPS is an innovative investment concept based on oil palm plantations, a product in which nearly everyone can invest and benefit from. EWOPS enables investors to be proud temporary owners of an oil palm planting business and does not require knowledge of the industry. More importantly, you can decide how much you would like to invest, utilising an investment mechanic that delivers a full planters earning without investing millions of ringgit and without having to manage a plantation.