What is EWOPS?

EWOPS Land Profile

East West One Consortium Berhad as the Management Company has an equitable interest in a 15,725 acre land parcel situated in Ranau ("Parcel A").

Location Ranau
Appointed Trustee TMF Trustees Malaysia Berhad
Total Land Area 15,725 acres
Planter's Block - Premier Investment 3 acres
Planter’s Block - Gold Investment 1 ½ acres
Planter’s Block - Silver Investment ½ acres
Planter’s Block - Bronze Investment ¼ acres
Block's Price - Premier Investment RM 58,888
Block's Price - Gold Investment RM 28,888
Block's Price - Silver Investment RM 10,000
Block's Price - Bronze Investment RM 5,000

Planter's Blocks Total Planter’s Blocks     
Available For Public Subscription
Total Remaining Planter’s
Blocks For Sale
Premier Investment 2,895 blocks SOLD OUT
Gold Investment 176 blocks
Silver Investment 3,868 blocks
Bronze Investment 173 blocks

1,277 Premier Blocks, 73 Gold Blocks, 1,658 Silver Blocks and 73 Bronze Blocks are designated as Reserved Blocks and are not for public subscription. The same may be released for public subscription upon approval from the Registrar of Companies.