What is EWOPS?

Introducing East West One
Planter's Scheme (EWOPS)

Financial Management is an ongoing planning process. In today’s market, investment diversification is often discussed, but how can it be achieved, and why is it important? Having the right investment knowledge is essential; it is the determining factor that may dictate your long term financial outcome. EWOPS is an investment product that will provide the choice and luxurious lifestyle we all deserve.

EWOPS objective is to provide investors with higher and more stable income, with a lower risk profile to help fulfil your retirement savings goals. East West One Consortium Berhad believes that EWOPS is the most innovative investment vehicle currently available in the market, allowing you to diversify your investment portfolio into the fast growing Malaysian oil palm industry.

Palm oil has played a major positive role in the world supply and demand equation for oils and fats, largely due to its economic advantages and versatility in relation to health and environment. The expansion of oil palm development has been phenomenal, from a mere 60,000 ha in 1960 to 4.48 million hectares in 2008, producing 17.73 million tonnes of palm oil and 2.13 million tonnes of palm kernel oil. Malaysia is noted to be the 2nd largest producer and exporter of palm oil in the world. The expansion of planted area has occurred mainly in Sabah and Sarawak. Sabah remains the largest oil palm planted state, accounting for approximately 30% of the total planted area in Malaysia.

EWOPS is an investment scheme approved under the Malaysian Companies Act of 1965 and managed by East West One Consortium Berhad, a limited company incorporated on the 29th of July 2004.

EWOPS income will be based on a fixed return at an average of 10.0% for Premier Investment per year for the duration of 8 years, 8.0% for Gold Investment per year for the duration of 6 years, 9.0% for Silver Investment per year for the duration of 8 years and 8.0% for Bronze Investment per year for the duration of 8 years, plus 100% capital refund upon maturity.