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East West One Group's Eco System

East West One Group offers diversification in one’s financial portfolio, providing an ideal opportunity to participate in the oil palm plantation business.

We ensures that all investors and business partners can participate in the business.

The company is directly operating and managing the 3 oil palm plantation Planter’s Schemes which are approved under the Interest Schemes Act 2016 and are closely monitored by Companies Commission of Malaysia, therefore investors can enjoy high return and business partners can enjoy better commissions.

What We Offer

East West One Group Business Model

In East West One Group, we offer 2 unlimited opportunities

Investment Opportunity

Investment Opportunity with our Planter’s Schemes, that offers 3 different product that generates high and fixed returns for all our investors. Visit our East West One Group’s Planter’s Scheme to understand more.

Entrepreneurial Opportunity

East West One Group welcomes all to join us at this Entrepreneurial Opportunity that offers lucrative passive income for those who are looking for extra income.

1 Miraculous Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Low startup capital
Simple, straight forward, lucrative commission plan
No monthly sales target
You decide YOUR own income
Flexibility and freedom
Generate passive income
No maintenance required
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