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East West One is a
Planter's Scheme

An Established Group

East West One Group is a Malaysian conglomerate, that was established since 2004, and have been involved in agriculture, healthcare, investment and mining industry.

A Safe & Secure Investment Opportunity

Our main focus is operating our well-established 3 oil palm plantation Planter’s Schemes which are approved under the Interest Schemes Act 2016 and are closely monitored by Companies Commission of Malaysia to safeguard investors’ interests.

A Proven Track Record

Our Planter’s Schemes have been that consistently providing an average return of 8-11% annually to all our stakeholders, over the course of 17 years, and counting.

Meet our Founder

Dato’ Dr. Jessie Tang

Dato’ Dr. Jessie Tang is the founder and Group CEO of East West One Group.

Prior to establishing EWOG, she was a trained medical doctor before venturing into the agriculture industry in Sabah in the early 2000’s. Under her leadership, EWOG expanded regionally into Indonesia.

East West One Group's

Planter's Schemes

EWOPS is an attractive and stable fixed income investment catered to investors with a lower risk profile, where they can enjoy investment portfolio diversification into the sustainable oil palm industry with the many economic advantages and versatility it possesses.
EWHPS is the second Planter’s Scheme launched by East West One Group. Covering a landbank of 11,670 acres in Ranau, Tambunan and Keningau in Sabah, Malaysia, EWHPS has similar investment features as EWOPS, East West One Group’s first Planter’s Scheme.
EWPS1 is the third Planter’s Scheme launched by East West One Group. Covering a landbank of 1,875 acres in Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia, EWPS1 has similar investment features as EWOPS and EWHPS, East West One Group’s first and second Planter’s Schemes respectively.

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