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East West One Group (EWOG) is a Malaysian conglomerate involved in the agriculture, healthcare, investment and mining industries.

Business commenced in 2004 in Sabah, Malaysia before the group successfully ventured into Indonesia in 2014.

We adopt a robust business model in our continuous effort to expand our agriculture land bank and assets, natural resources and reserves, and business operations in Malaysia and Indonesia

East West One Group is principally involved in the oil palm plantation industry. Business commenced in 2004 and the group continues to acquire and develop land suitable for oil palm cultivation in Sabah, Malaysia.

East West One Group is well known for being the first group in Malaysia to operate and manage three Companies Commission of Malaysia-approved Planter’s Schemes, making East West One Group the leading, largest and most successful Planter’s Scheme operator and manager in Malaysia. These Planter’s Schemes are approved under the Interest Schemes Act 2016 and are closely monitored by Companies Commission of Malaysia in particular the progress of the group’s plantation development and operation to safeguard investors’ interests.

Today, East West One Group is involved in many businesses within the oil palm value chain including operating FFB collection centres in Sabah, Malaysia.

East West One Group's

Core Business

Oil palm cultivation, oil palm seedlings planting and distribution, FFB collection centre operation, timber concession operation, and livestock farming. Future commodities include coconut, cocoa, coffee, ginger, chili and softwood.
Largest and most successful oil palm interest scheme operator in Malaysia with established and unblemished track record. Interest schemes approved by the Companies Commission of Malaysia.
Marble quarry management and mining operations of numerous marble quarries and international marketing and trading of marbles blocks, slabs and tiles. Vast marble natural resources and reserves offer various options to meet diverse market demands.
Private holistic wellness centre offering integrated multidisciplinary diagnostics, detoxifications, repair interventions and rejuvenation therapies and a biological laboratory offering innovative regenerative medicine solutions.
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